Intensive Doctoral School

We propose five consecutive days, each including 6 hours of teaching (30 hours in total).

Most of the sessions offer the close-reading of a crucial passage in Lacan’s Seminar Anxiety, followed by an in-depth discussion. The participants are supposed to have read the entire book of  seminar before attending the course.  

Day 1: An overview of Seminar X in Lacan’s Teachings + Overview of the Seminar.

Day 2: Introduction to the structure of Anxiety

Day 3: Revision of the status of the Object

Day 4: Anxiety between jouissance and desire

Day 5: The Five modalities of the object a


Sent CV and motivation to Students who qualify will receive approval by e-mail.

After approval registration and payment via this link 

Registration is final after payment.


During lunch break we offer each student the opportunity to lunch all together in a nice place close to the university, so we can share food/drinks and thoughts. That for an additional 125 euro (lunch during 5 days).



website AirBnB

Chris Van Holsbeek – Room 50 euro
Zingemkouterstraat 5
9040 Sint-Amandsberg
+32 92381705


Charming rooftop apartment in the heart of Ghent.


Sint-Pietersstation en Dampoortstation easy accesable
Piet Van Coillie
Mageleinstraat 44 B
9000 Gent.
+32 473 767517

enkele commentaren van huurders:
Probably my best experience with B&B. Really nice little apartment with a stylish interior, in a perfect location within the city center. Had a great weekend, explored the city but also decided to spend one night relaxing and listening to music in the apartment because we liked it so much. Would definitely recommend this if you visit Gent.

L’appartement de Piet est à 100 m du beffroi que l’on peut photographier de l’appartement. L’accueil est formidable et l’appartement très vaste ne manque de rien. Les nombreuses fenêtres le rendent très lumineux et fauteuils très confortables : une escale de charme!”

Nice appartement, very well located in the middle of town.  I especially liked the fact that the appartement is original, with wooden walls and unique furniture: it really feels like holiday staying there! Also nice collection of jazz & classical cds, have a try with “Potato Masterpiece”, great for the mood.  Thank  you very much, it was very nice staying at your appartement.

Assignement: The participants are supposed to have read the entire book of  seminar before attending the course.

Daily Schedule:

  • 9u30: Theoretical Lecture by Lieven Jonckheere
  • 11u: Cartel
  • 12u30: Lunch
  • 13u45: Group discussion with Cartel presentations and Lieven Jonckheere as moderator.